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Bialetti Aeternum Nano Ceramic 8-piece Cookware Set Review


ceramic cookwareIn our successive attempt to write ceramic cookware reviews on best ceramic cookware,in this article, we are going to review this Bialetti Aeternum 8-piece cookware setWhat is cookware, first of all? Cookware typically is a combination of pots and pans. So if you love to cook , you love cookware. Either you are thinking of buying for the first time or planning to replace your old ones, finding the best cookware is not an easy job. Giving consideration to factors like hygiene, performance and price, we have chosen this ceramic cookware to review.Bialetti cookware is an Italian brand that has been into business for almost a century. It’s a household name in Italy and bialetti cookware can be found in nine out of every ten kitchens there. Bialetti was not exposed to the US market until recently with their line of Aeternum cookware.

What this Aeternum cookware set includes:

  • 1 8″ saute pan
  • 1 10.25″ saute pan
  • 1 2-quart sauce pan with lid
  • 1 2.5- quart sauce pan with lid
  • 1 5.5- quart covered Dutch oven

Key Features of the Bialetti Aeternum 8-piece pots and pans set:

Nano ceramic coating: 

This nonstick cookware set itself is constructed with heavy gauge aluminum. So it’s compatible with electric, gas, and ceramic cooking surfaces. However, induction cooking is not possible. The revolutionary nano ceramic coating has been used to make this set nonstick.Unlike other nonstick cookware sets, this 8-piece red aeternum cookware set is free from PTFE and PFOA which are harmful to humans.Therefore, people those who are health-conscious will find this nano ceramic cookware set suitable.

Elegant look:

With red exterior and white interior each individual pot and pan in the set looks great. The red- white contrasting combination  makes this set stand out in the crowd. For gripping comfort, the handles are ergonomically designed. For easy storage, the handles have holes in them, so you will be able to hang them.

Durability of the nonstick properties:

The Nonstick coating of individual pan and sauce pan lasts longer if non-metal utensils are used.This caution remains true to both ceramic and non-ceramic coating, in most cases.

Consistent heat distribution: 

The construction being aluminum, when in use, each individual frying pan and saucepan receive consistent and uniform heat. It is to be noted here that uniformity in the heat conductivity is the pre-condition to good cooking.An exception may spoil a dish or negatively impact the taste and texture of it.

Care and maintenance:

Unlike Stoneline set this ceramic coated cookware requires little seasoning with oil or butter. This set is not dishwasher safe. Normally, it cleans up easy. Wiping with a paper or kitchen towel should be good. In some cases, cold water, dishwashing soap, and a sponge may be required. It’s not advisable to soak a hot pan or pot in cold water. It’s better to cool down the heated pan first before throwing it into the water. Use nylon, silicone, wood or plastic utensil for the longevity of the nonstick. Another point to note here is this set is not oven safe.

                                              Bialetti Aeternum

Our cooking test with the set:

In the reviewing process, we decided to put the set to a cooking test to see how well it performed. As it normally goes, we put the 8″ saute pan, the smallest in the ceramic cookware set, to a common basic test, which was to fry an egg. As a requirement, we started out by  seasoning the pan with a little butter. Next we cracked open an egg into the pan. The egg almost got cooked hardly in a minute or two. The nonstick noticeably worked great leaving no trace of any mess or stickiness in the pan. In fact, it exceeded our expectation. We were even struggling to turn over the egg as the surface of the pan was unexpectedly slippery.No cleaning was needed as the surface looked like it was never used before.

The second one was an omelette test as a new frying pan is destined to pass this test. As the pan was already heated and seasoned, it was not necessary to add any more butter or oil. We just poured in our omelette mix. Both sides of the omelette got cooked evenly, in no time. All we heard was a sizzling sound and noticed a great tasting succulent omelette faster than we had expected. No residue was found in the pan. We used a piece of paper towel to wipe clean the pan.

The final test was with the 2 1/2-quart saucepan. This time we decided to make some chocolate fudge. We put all the necessary ingredients into the saucepan and let them melt in a low heat. Continuous stirring was needed until the sugar dissolved. We let the contents come to the boiling point and allowed it to simmer for 10-12 minutes. We had to scrape the surface of the saucepan repeatedly  to ensure nothing was sticking to it. Fortunately, we had a thermometer at home.We used it to check the temperature of the mixture. We turned off the stove when the temperature was at 117° C ( It should be around 120°). At this point, we added some chocolate chips to the mixture and kept beating it for about 10 minutes as it was thickening and settling. Then we emptied the liquid out into our pre-prepared tray and let it as to cut into square shapes.

We were a bit apprehensive in regards to the cleaning of the pan after we emptied it. But soon the apprehension disappeared. We let the pan cool as It’s a standard practice for any heated cookware before they can be soaked in normal water.It was soaked under the sink faucet for sometime. Then all we needed was a nylon scrubber and little soapy water to do the cleanup. Soon it looked like new again. Frankly, we didn’t have a chance to test the rest of this bialetti cookware. However, it’s evident that they would pass the test too.

Pros of Bialetti Aeternum:

  • Functional Nonstick Coating
  • Consistent Heat Distribution
  • Elegant Look
  • Ergonomically Designed Handles
  • Affordable Price
  • Easy Cleanup
  • 5-Year Warranty

Cons Detected by Bialetti Aeternum Reviews:

  • Not Induction Stove Compatible
  • Not Oven-safe

Conclusion of Bialetti Aeternum Reviews:

In Bialetti aeternum line, this is one of the best cookware sets, given the price they are asking and the features this cookware set is offering. Some of its features can only be seen in more expensive ceramic cookware sets. It’s true that the set doesn’t fall under the category of induction cookware and it’s not oven safe. However, it’s surely worth considering by all the other features and parameters. With 656 ceramic cookware reviews from Amazon customers of which most of them positive, you cannot go wrong with it. The search for your best ceramic cookware may end with this ceramic cookware set.

                                              Bialetti Aeternum