Cerastone Pressure Forged 10-Piece Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set, Red Review


cerastoneIn our series ceramic cookware reviews to help our valued readers to find their best ceramic cookware, this time we are writing this ceramic cookware review on the captioned Cerastone PFS1023 Pressure Forged 10-Piece Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set, Red. Cerastone is a cookware and houseware manufacturer based in North America. Although not very old, cerastone has earned a good reputation on the cookware market. With multiple product lines including ceramic nonstick cookware, cerastone has a strong presence all over North America and beyond.

The necessity of ceramic cookware has been felt greater than ever among the consumers given the health threat Teflon cookware can pose. Introduction of a great number of ceramic cookware brands, styles, and colors are echoing this truth. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a brief idea of the manufacturer of your cookware. Simultaneously, not all ceramic coated cookware are made equal. Cerastone ceramic cookware is made using cutting edge technology to ensure functionality and durability of the cookware while the focus has been a healthy cookware. Before this cerastone cookware review digs deep into the features of this ceramic nonstick cookware, we will see underneath what this cerastone cookware set comprises.


What This Ceramic Cookware Set Includes:

• 8-inch fry pan
• 10-inch fry pan
• 1-qt saucepan with lid
• 2-qt saucepan with lid
• 3-qt saucepan with lid
• 5-qt Dutch oven with lid

Key Features This Cerastone Offers:

Construction: The ceramic pans are made of 5” aluminum while 4” thick aluminum has been used to make the saucepans. It is needless to say that aluminum is the best heat transmitter and this transmission is even all across the cerastone pan. The interior of the cerastone cookware is a uniquely designed ceramic coating known as Cerastone Stonecoat 2020, which is a natural nonstick and resistant to stains. The surface of each cerastone cookware is pressure forged and infused with diamond particles to give the cookware the feature of the best nonstick cookware.

Safe Cookware: The coating, cerastone 2020 is absolutely PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) free and therefore cerastone cookware is safe cookware. Briefly speaking, both PTFE and PFOA are potentially toxic chemicals that may greatly harm humans, laboratory animals, our environment and even sea creatures. It is to be noted that a cookware claiming to be a healthy cookware must be free of these substances. Your best nonstick cookware has to ensure your safety.
Elegant Look: This red color ceramic cookware set adds to the beauty of your kitchen. Anyone will fall in love with this cerastone just by looking at it. The feel is perfect too. The cookware is not too heavy while the construction is sturdy. In fact, you might be charged with making your neighbors and friends envious of owning such a stunningly beautiful red ceramic cookware set. If you love red, you might also be interested to read our Bialetti Aeternum Nano Ceramic cookware set review, another best cookware set.
BakeLite Handles: Cerastone cookware comes with well polished and oven safe BakeLite handles that feature comfortable grip and stay cool feel.
Induction Cookware: Cerastone pots and pans are compatible with induction cooking. So any cooktop like electric, gas, or induction would be perfect for this cerastone 2020. It is noteworthy here that induction cooking saves you a lot of energy.
Cleanup a breeze: The nonstick of the ceramic pans perform wonderfully and food release in the pans is quite effortless. Therefore, food doesn’t stick in the pans and cleaning doesn’t seem to be a chore. In most situations, the cerastone pan can be wiped clean with a kitchen towel. The cookware is also dishwasher safe if you have to ever so decide.

Pros of Cerastone:

• Thick gauge aluminum construction
• Cerastone 2020 Diamond infused ceramic nonstick cookware
• PFOA free
• BakeLite Handles
• Induction ready cookware
• Oven safe
• Dishwasher safe

Cons of Cerastone:

• Few reports of wearing out of coating over long use (perhaps could have been avoided with proper care of cookware).
• A bit expensive

Conclusion of Cerastone Cookware Review:

Cerastone PFS1023 Pressure Forged 10-Piece Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set, Red with all the above features, manufactured by a prestigious company, 32 ceramic cookware reviews and a 4.4 rating out of a 5-star from Amazon customers may have you consider this Cerastone to be your best ceramic cookware.