Cook N Home NC-00358 Nonstick Ceramic Coating 10-Piece Cookware Set


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In this humble attempt of ours to write ceramic cookware reviews, this time we have picked Cook n Home NC-00358 Nonstick Ceramic Coating 10-Piece Cookware Set. Our goal is to help our readers find the best ceramic cookware and therefore we have focused only on the best ceramic cookware brands depending upon our own parameters and ceramic nonstick cookware set reviews by Amazon customers. With regard to the manufacturer of this ceramic coated cookware, Cook N Home ceramic cookware is from a US cookware manufacturing company that has been in the market for quite some time and with a good reputation for customer satisfaction.

The price is unbelievably low for a 10-piece set of cook n home cookware. So it is not unlikely that some people may underestimate this ceramic cookware set as normally the public perception is the more expensive a product, the better it is ,when it comes to buying a product. However, ceramic nonstick cookware set reviews by the Amazon customers believe quite the opposite about this particular cookware set. You will see below as you read on  this Cook N Home cookware reviews.


What This Cook N Home  Cookware Offers in the set:

  • An 8-Inch Fry Pan
  • A 9.5-Inch Fry Pan
  • 1 Quart Sauce Pan + Lid
  • 2 Quart Sauce Pan + Lid
  • 3 Quart Casserole + Lid
  • 5 Quart Dutch oven + Lid

Features Considered by Our Cook N Home Cookware Reviews :

Construction:  This ceramic cookware set is constructed out of heavy gauge aluminum. Aluminum is well-known as a good heat conductor. Thick gauge aluminum construction ensures excellent heat conductivity without leaving any brown spot in the bottom.

PFOA free: This ceramic coated cookwareis hundred percent PFOA free. This ceramic nonstick cookware set is also PTFE, Lead, and Cadmium free. It would be quite relevant to point out that these metal or chemical substances have been identified as potential health hazards for humans, animals, and even our eco system. US Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Working Group, and Food and Drug Administration confirm it.

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Superbly Scratch Resistant: The  coating of this cook n home ceramic cookware  is highly scratch resistant unlike ordinary nonstick. The ceramic nonstick used in this ceramic cookware set not only lasts longer than its ordinary nonstick counterparts but makes the cookware look like new even after countless uses.

Long-lasting Exterior: The exterior of this cook n home cookware is color paint resistant to a temperature higher than normal and clean up effortlessly. The color lasts surprisingly longer.

Ergonomic Handles: Stay cook type handles of this cook n home ceramic  cookware feel comfortable and safe in hands.

See-through Glass Lids: The look-through tempered glass of this cook n home cookware lids facilitate watching your food during cooking without having to remove the lids.

Downside: Induction Cooking is not possible with this cook n home ceramic cookware set.

Care and maintenance of This Cook N Home Cookware:

This ceramic nonstick cookware set will require proper care and maintenance like any other ceramic cookware. The ceramic pots and pans should be seasoned at the initial stage with a little oil or butter in order for the nonstick to function at its best. A heated nonstick pan should not be submerged in water immediately after you are done with your cooking. Instead, let it cool down naturally before you wash it. Do not use a dishwasher to clean your ceramic coated cookware to ensure its durability. Remember, if taken care of properly, your ceramic nonstick cookware will last for years. These tips are agreed upon by all ceramic cookware reviews, we believe. In fact, they will apply to the maintenance of any cookware, be it the best ceramic cookware brands or just best cookware brands.


Of course, we don’t mean to say that this ceramic nonstick cookware set alone includes the best ceramic cookware, but, considering the above features, price, and last but not the least 1,447 ceramic cookware reviews by Amazon customers with a 4.3 average rating out of 5 Stars ,this Set of NC-00358 Cook N Home  cookware  is surely worth your money.