Koycera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-Inch Professional Chef Knife

Kyocera ceramic knife, This ceramic knives review is all about the above-captioned Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-Inch Professional chef knife. Why did we pick this particular Kyocera ceramic knife? The reason being it’s considered one of the best ceramic knives by all parameters. We‘ll see below if this claim can be justified as this Kyocera ceramic knife review continues.

We would like to give a short introduction of the manufacturer of this Kyocera ceramic knife before the review begins. Logically speaking, any consumer would love to know about the producer of the consumer goods before they decide to buy their products. Kyocera is originally a Japanese company that was established in Kyoto, Japan back in 1959.It started its North American operation in 1969 by opening a sales office in the Silicon Valley with two people. Now it has a total of 5,000 employees along with sales and manufacturing units in the USA, Canada , and Mexico. And currently, it deals in kitchen tools, stationeries, and advanced ceramic knives.

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This Kyocera ceramic knife is made out of a very advanced ceramic substance called zirconia z206 that is exclusively made in Japan. Its ultra dense sub-micro particles literally don’t leave any voids and the end result is a sturdier and denser blade, which provides an edge longer than any other ceramic knives.

The razor sharp blades of Kyocera ceramic knives give you ultimate cutting experience. Slice, dice, chop, portion, clean, you name it. You do it all effortlessly. Feel free to cut everything except hard things like bone or any frozen item. Cut fresh vegetables, fruits, boneless meat etc with superb precision.

Kyocera ceramic knives are extremely light-weight as compared to steel knives. It doesn’t contain any additional weight and consequently, it’s comfortably balanced. Therefore, it’s easy to handle and you don’t feel tired even if you continue your cutting job for hours.

Features of this Kyocera Ceramic Knife

  • Made out of Zirconia Z206 Advanced ceramic
  • Super Lightweight and well balanced
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Edge holds 10 times longer than other
  • Relentless sharpness
  • Rust-resistant
  • Browning or discoloring of food doesn’t happen
  • No metallic taste
  • Easy hand-wash
  • Impermeable to salt, acid, oil, juice etc.


This chef knife is Likely to chip as all ceramic knives would if not carefully handled.


Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-inch Professional Chef Knife is an ideal kitchen tool that can be just a kitchen knife for a home cook or a chef knife for a professional chef. With this ceramic knife, jobs like slicing, chopping, dicing of your vegetables, fresh fruits, or boneless meat and poultry will never be a chore. Many knife lovers consider this knife to be one of the best ceramic knives given its top performance of precision cutting. You don’t have to rely on our ceramic knives review alone. 265 ceramic knife reviews and a 4.6 rating about this knife by Amazon customers should help you decide whether you should buy this Kyocera ceramic knife.

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