Stoneline-Nonstick-Stone-Cookware 8-piece-Set-Review

Stoneline Nonstick Stone Cookware 8-piece Set Review


Stoneline-Nonstick-Stone-Cookware 8-piece-Set-ReviewStoneline, a prestigious name in cookware, was originally designed in Germany and now a global name in best nonstick cookware. It will be an injustice to our readers, we believe, if we don’t include this Stoneline Nonstick Stone Cookware Set in our cookware reviews. Stoneline cookware has expanded their market well over in 70 countries by far. Over 1.2 millions of their cookware items have been reportedly purchased in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand alone over the years. Surely it speaks a volume about their stone cookware. Such data and statistics evidently make a brand belong to the category of best cookware. Stoneline made its exposure to the US market only in 2009 and made a buzz in no time. We will see below what this 8-piece nonstick cookware set includes.

What This 8-piece Stoneline Pots and Pans Set Includes:

  • 1 Frying pan
  • 1 Cooking pot
  • 1 Saucepan
  • 1 Roasting pot
  • 1 Stewing pot
  • 3 Glass lids
  • 1 (Bonus) 11-piece Knife set(Can be kept even the product is returned for any reason)

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Key Features of the Stoneline 8-piece Nonstick Cookware Set:

Sturdy Construction: Having been constructed with cast aluminum, which is a special kind of metal that has been subjected to a process called casting, to be more specific, die casting to temper it. This tempered metal is extremely heat-resistant and durable. Therefore, this metal is ideal for using in the construction of good quality cookware. Another characteristic of cast aluminum is its light-weight. So this pots and pans have the sturdiness of a cast iron skillet while not being too heavy.

Stone Coating: The nonstick coating used in this stoneline pot and pan set is combined with crushed small particles of stone. This merger makes the surfaces of the stone cookware the sturdiest ever in non-stick cooking history and the longest-lasting. This feature will make you feel like you are cooking on a hot stone. This process makes the stoneline cookware non-stick coating ten times more durable than non-stick surfaces used in other cookware sets. So one hundred percent no-stick cooking is synonymous with stoneline.

Magnetized Steel Base:  Bases of stoneline cookware are constructed with 4mm magnetized stainless steel. This feature ensures less heating time and even heat distribution meaning it’s an energy saver. Also it makes the stone cookware induction stovetop compatible alongside gas, electric and ceramic cook tops.

Abrasion-Resistant: In abrasion testing, Stoneline cookware withstood 40,000-50,000 abrasions without getting worn while other cookware brands could take only 4,000- 5,000. So it goes without saying, Stoneline is the clear winner here. A bold 12-year warranty of this set of frying pan and cooking pots substantiates this demand, undoubtedly.

PFOA-Free Cooking Set: This stoneline induction cookware is guaranteed to be hundred percent PFOA-free. It means you have a safe and natural stone cooking experience. This best cookware set ensures gourmet quality cooking results by letting your foods release maximum taste and flavor naturally.

Oil-Free Cooking: Your stone cookware won’t need any oil or butter for most of the cooking needs. You can expect chef-quality steak, fish, and chicken at home with this cookware. However, your stone frying pan will need oil just for seasoning it. Absorption of the oil you use for seasoning into the stone particles will give your cookware the best nonstick feature.

Effortless Clean-up: Cleaning this nonstick cookware is a breeze. As nothing sticks to the cooking surface, in most cases, just wiping with a paper or kitchen towel is enough. In case of normal daily use, you may need to season your stone pan several times a year. But, frequent exposure to soapy water may necessitate more seasoning.

Care and Maintenance:

Stoneline Cookware also needs some care like all other cookware products. You will be required to season your pots and pans before you start using them for the first time. It’s not a must, but we recommend you wash each of the cookware- to- be- used with warm soapy water. Wipe it dry with a soft piece of cloth or sponge. Spread a teaspoonful of oil across the cooking surface with a piece of kitchen towel and you are good to go.

If used in the oven, Stoneline Cookware having CPET (one kind of plastic resin) handles can take temperature up to 180 degrees Celsius/338 degrees Fahrenheit. The same applies to the lids. Handles are of stay-cool design.

We discourage putting the Stone Cookware in the dishwasher like all other nonstick cookware. Doing so may harm the nonstick feature.

Similarly, we don’t encourage use of metal utensils for this cookware as they may harm the stone particles of the surface composition.

Our Cooking Test with the Cookware Set:

As usual, we started out by doing an egg frying test using our frying pan. We didn’t forget to season the pan, in the beginning. The perfectly cooked egg was ready faster than we had expected. We had to struggle to slide it out of the pan into our plate as the surface was slippery. We considered it a positive sign as it was an indicator of the best nonstick cooking pan. We wiped clean thefry pan and did an omelet test. It came out just wonderful. It almost missed ourplate as we were taking it out of the pan because of the slipperiness of the pan surface. So the cookware passed both tests with distinction.We used the stewing pot to make some lamb stew on another occasion. Couple of days later, we put the saucepan to a gravy test. In both cases, the results were unexpectedly pleasant. Dishes were well-cooked, flavorful with great taste and texture. Cleaning up of the pots was a piece of cake.


  • Brilliant Nonstick Performance
  • Micro Stone Coating
  • Oil-free Cooking
  • Oven-friendliness( to a certain degree)
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Reasonable Price
  • 12-year Warranty
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 11-piece Knife Set as a free bonus
  • 6-Month Financing (Check with Amazon. Com )


  • Packaging not up to the mark


Two thumbs up for this great Stoneline Nonstick Stone Cookware 8-piece Set. With 116 Amazon Customer Reviews of which 75 percent 5-star and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 plus all the amazing features, it’s clearly the right choice. 6-month financing and 60-day money back guarantee is an added privilege for sure. So you have nothing to lose but be the proud owner of this great nonstick pots and pans set.

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  1. The handles are constantly coming loose on the pans and pots with the long handles. How can I stop that from happening. i’ve had the pots for over 5 years. The stick proof has been damaged in places, I think it was because of cutting, with a knife, in the pans. the pots are still as good as ever.

    • Hi Donald, A car product called ‘Lock-tight’may be helpful for tightening the loose handles.
      See if it works. Best of luck!


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