WearEver Complete Ceramic Nonstick PTFE-PFOA-Cadmium Free Cookware Set Review


wearever cookwareThis time our ceramic cookware reviews will review wearever cookware on the above titled WearEver A630SA Complete Ceramic Nonstick PTFE-PFOA-Cadmium Free Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set, 10-Piece, Black. It’s a tough task to find your best ceramic cookware as the cookware market is flooded with too many cookware brands, styles, prices, and their variable performances. One of the best cookware brands, this Wearever cookware has been quite popular with its customers at home and abroad for its superb performance.
This cookware manufacturer, wearever is an American cookware brand that has been in business since 1903. For the first time in the history of cookware, this cookware company constructed their cookware with aluminum, a metal that wouldn’t rust and much lighter than then prevalent weighty cast iron cookware. In 1950, wearever introduced weighty pans with anodized lids in another innovative endeavor, a result of their research and development activities. In the 1960s wearever cookware pioneered clad cookware in the market for the first time. That should be sufficient about the introduction to the maker of this wearever cookware set. Before we begin our discussion on the features of this set in this wearever cookware reviews, we will see below what comes in this ceramic cookware set.

wearever cookware

What This Ceramic Nonstick 10-piece Wearever Cookware Set Includes:

• 8-inch fry pan
• 10-inch fry pan plus lid
• 1-quart saucepan plus lid
• 2-quart saucepan plus lid
• 5-quart Dutch oven plus lid
• 1 egg wonder

Main Features of This Wearever Cookware:

Construction: Wearever cookware is made of thick aluminum for facilitating uniformity in the distribution of temperature and perfect cooking. Thickness of the core material of a cookware is vital for perfect heat generation and retention, which is a pre-condition to a great cooking experience, we all know. Wearever Cookware Company goes extra miles to ensure this feature, unlike a cheap cookware maker.
Long-lasting Ceramic Nonstick Cookware: The nonstick coating used in this wearever cookware is absolutely functional and won’t wear out even after a long use. You are allowed to use even metal utensils while cooking and a dishwasher for the cleanup with this ceramic cookware set.
Safe Cookware: This wearever cookware is absolutely PTFE, PFOA, and Cadmium free that make it a healthy cookware and you can have your peace of mind thinking that your ceramic pots and pans are safe cookware for you. The non-toxic cookware requires you to use virtually little to no oil or fat for the cooking job.
Resistant to Scratch and Stain: The very unique ceramic interior of this wearever cookware is completely scratch and stain resistant even with a metal spatula. A cheap cookware won’t be able to offer you this feature.
Recyclable and Can Withstand High temperature: The cooking surface can withstand a temperature up to 700˚ F while the cookware is oven safe up to 350˚ F. Each individual cookware is recyclable, which makes it separate from many of its competitors in terms of eco-friendliness.
Warranty: Wearever cookware A630SA 10-piece cookware set comes with a limited lifetime warranty. A reasonable warranty of a product gives you peace of mind in case anything ominous happens. So the lifetime warranty of this set implies the company stands by what it sells like all other best cookware brands.

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Pros of Wearever Cookware A630SA:

• Long-lasting Ceramic Nonstick Coating
• PTFE, PFOA, and Cadmium free Non-toxic Healthy Cookware
• Resistant to Stain and Scratch
• High Temperature Resistant
• Dishwasher Safe
• Oven Safe to 350˚ F
• Recyclable
• Affordable
• Lifetime Warranty (Limited)

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Cons Detected By Wearever Cookware Reviews:

• Induction Cooking Not Possible

Care and Maintenance Tips of YOUR Wearever Cookware:

• Read the Literature it comes with carefully
• Season your ceramic cookware with butter or oil for the first time before using
• Let the heated cookware cool down before you soak it in cold water
• Use non-metallic spatula for your ceramic nonstick cookware for its longer life
• Hand wash your nonstick cookware instead of using the dishwasher for its longevity
• Use mild detergent for cleanup if you have to

Conclusion of Wearever Cookware Reviews:

If we consider the aforesaid features, reputation of Wearever cookware company, affordability of the A630SA Wearever cookware set, 1343 ceramic cookware reviews along with a 4.3 rating based on a parameter of 5-Star from Amazon customers; we don’t think it will be a wrong decision to side with this particular set of wearever cookware as your best ceramic cookware.

wearever cookware