WearEver Pure Living 10-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set Review


WearEver Pure Living 10-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set Review
This ceramic cookware review is about WearEver C944SA Pure Living 10-piece Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set. Before we go into further details on this wearever cookware reviews, we will not be doing a justice to this WearEver cookware manufacturer if we don’t say a few words about this cookware giant. WearEver is one of the most innovative and oldest manufacturers of cookware in the world. WearEver is the pioneer in the introduction of aluminum cookware. It was the year 1903 when this company introduced the world to a cookware made with a rustproof metal called aluminum to replace the heavy cast iron. WearEver has been innovative in the manufacture of cookware, in terms of construction, design, and functionality ever since.

Consumers have put their faith in ceramic cookware in relatively recent times. People were happy with just nonstick cookware in the past. The reason was clear, nonstick made their lives easier. Food doesn’t stick in pots and pans, at the same time; cleanup of nonstick cookware is quick and simple. But more people started losing faith in nonstick cookware as the healthiness of nonstick was challenged by some negative reports published by some US Federal monitoring bodies in the middle of 2000.  In 2006, when PFOA issue came to the forefront after US giant Dupont got fined for hiding some vital information regarding use of PFOA in their cookware and its harmful effects in humans, a sensation was created worldwide. A growing number of people thought of shifting to ceramic cookware from just nonstick.

In our attempt for writing cookware reviews, and more specifically  ceramic cookware reviews, we found this ceramic cookware set by WearEver worth our time and energy spent for the purpose. We will see below what this 10-piece pot and pan set  includes.

What included in The cookware set By Wearever:

  • 8” Sauté Pan
  • 5” Sauté Pan
  • 3-qt Saucepan + lid
  • 5-qt Skillet + lid
  • 5-qt Dutch oven + lid
  • 2 Nylon tools
WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Cookware Set Review

 Key features of WearEver cookware set

 Construction: The bases of ceramic pots and pans from WearEver Pure Living  are constructed with top rated aluminum. Therefore, they are able to retain heat well and spread all over the cookware evenly. Good retention and equal distribution of heat in cooking is considered to be a precondition for the taste and texture of any dish we all know.

 Functional Nonstick ceramic coating: The nonstick coating used in this ceramic cookware set is quite functional and durable. They can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. A Cheap nonstick cookware set doesn’t have this feature. Such superior quality coating makes this set your best nonstick cookware.

Stain and Scratch Resistant: Each wearever cookware in this  set comes with superior quality stain and scratch resistance feature. Normally, this kind of feature can be expected in top cookware brands.

PFOA free: Every ceramic coated cookware belonging to this pots and pans set is free of PFOA, and PTFE chemicals. So you can rest assured that your wearever ceramic cookware is  non-toxic cookware. After all, that is the purpose of buying ceramic cookware sets.

Silicone covered Stainless Steel Handles: Ceramic Pots and pans of the cookware set have stainless steel ergonomic stay-cool handles that are riveted and covered with silicone. The pot lids of this wearever cookware have stainless steel silicone covered handles and thus they are oven proof up to 350 degrees F.

WearEver’s logo: Each wearever  cookware in this set has a unique WearEver logo in the shape of a ‘W’

In their bases that give them a touch of class and difference.

 Care of your Wearever Ceramic cookware:

It is recommended that you season your ceramic nonstick cookware with butter or oil for the first time before you use them. Do not throw your heated cookware in the water right after your cooking job is done. Allow them some time to cool down before wetting them. We suggest you don’t put your nonstick ceramic cookware in the dishwasher though the manufacturer says ’yes’. Manual washing will give them a longer life. Also please use non-metallic utensils for the longevity of the nonstick properties of your ceramic nonstick cookware.

Performance Test of Wearever:

Initially, we decided to conduct the same cooking tests with this nonstick  cookware set as we did with our recently reviewed another ceramic coated cookware set Bialetti Aeternum 8-piece cookware set. Egg fry, omelet test, chocolate fudge everything came out just perfect. Post cooking cleanup was completely effortless. The nonstick performed simply wonderful. Furthermore, we cooked rice, pasta, pasta sauce, chili, dal makhani(an Indian delicacy that takes hours to be cooked), steaks and what not, in the past few weeks. The results were, in one word, ‘wow’!

Pros of This Wearever Ceramic cookware:

  1. Nonstick properties just great
  2. PFOA, PTFE, and Cadmium free ceramic cookware
  3. Dishwasher friendly
  4. Oven proof( up to a certain degree)
  5. Unbelievably great price
  6. Scratch and stain resistant
  7. Limited lifetime Warranty

Cons Detected By Wearever Cookware Reviews:

  1. Induction cooking incompatible


Considering the price, performance, and other features of this WearEver Pure Living 10-piece cookware set, we say two thumbs up! With 1612 ceramic cookware reviews from Amazon customers  and 69% of them 5-star rating, you cannot go wrong, that’s all we have to say about this wearever ceramic cookware set.
WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Cookware Set Review

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